Monday, 26 August 2013

my favourite - ROSES

Roses - I adore roses in all shapes, forms, patterns, scents etc.
This is why I've gathered a few of my favourite roses (-motives).

These are in fact real roses - today blossiming in my garden. I got this HUGE rose tree from my bofy last year to our anniversary. 
Now that we have moved to a place with a garden this is what they look like today:

But this is not all my complete rose collection... I have my roses integrated in my life in all sorts of ways:
The art paintings are from Cy Twonbly and I fell in love with his paintings in Museum Brandhorst in Munich. The book is from Pippa Middleton and is decorating my living room.

Rose scented toiletries: Rose showergel (Marks & Spencer), Rose face water (Roberts - only in Italy), Rose body lotion & Hand cream (M&S), Maroccan Rose oil (the body shop), Soap/ shower gel (anatomicals).

Cupcakes I got from my boyfriend, silicon rose-shaped baking shapes, home-made cake for my boyf with rose coloured icing.

I also wear roses: skinny jeans by boden, wallpaper, skinny corduroy trousers from marks & sparks, dress from charity shop.

Key holder with vintage rose embelishment, handpainted box & my favourite perfume for 5 years now from Paul Smith - Rose.

...further roses dotted over my home.

Gift table for me from my boyf and my two cats mingling in between my rose bouquets.

I'm addicted to rose tea! very yummy: lov, kusmi tea or yogi tea. Also try the teashed.

and this is one of my two cats named ROSIE :-)

Sunday, 25 August 2013


It's raining today. After 2 lovely months of sunshine.
I googled around for some time and here is RAIN + yogic thinking:

Recognize what is happening.

Allow life to be just as it is.

Investigate inner experience with kindness.


Click here to read the full article.

Monday, 19 August 2013

My first yoga post

I love yoga! I've been telling my friends for the last couple of years that in my heart I'm a complete yogini and in my mind I do yoga every minute of the day :-) 
Truth and fact is, I don't do yoga every day and a real yogini would probably say that I'm not a yogini at all...

Even if it's my first yoga post today - it's not the first time I've come across yoga. I've probalby went to my first yoga lesson in my fitness studio in 2002 - in Munich, Martinsried. I really enjoyed it but didn't really stick to it until I moved to Manchester. I started going to yoga lessons a couple of days a week and really could feel and see a difference in my body and mind. When I moved to London I carried on doing Yoga, however I didn't quite find a teacher as good as I had in Manchester. 

In yoga I found a passion I had last during the age of 3 to 18 when I did modern/jazz dance.

Well, since I'm back in Munich now since 2010, I've tried god-knows-how-many yoga studios until I found the one I like the most. Some were too snobby and schmicki-micki (as the Germans say for stuck up) for me, others far too much spiritual and sect-like. Well, since 2013 I've finally found a place where I love going to yoga lessions.
To be frank and honest with you I'm still not a every-day-yogi, more like a once-or-twice-a-week-yogi but things will change ...

I'm so excited as I'm acutally going to start a yoga teacher training course in October. I really don't know where this whole thing is going to take me - all I know is that I'm doing it just for myself - to feel good, to enjoy myself, have a good time and learn more about me & my body.

As you can see from my previous old posts, I'm quite into aesthetics. They of course don't mean everything to me - but I do believe they make things pretty & fun :-)

Hence my burgundy red Mulberry handbag and my matching yoga matt holdall (which I got from my friend as a birthday present):

Let's start!