Monday, 26 August 2013

my favourite - ROSES

Roses - I adore roses in all shapes, forms, patterns, scents etc.
This is why I've gathered a few of my favourite roses (-motives).

These are in fact real roses - today blossiming in my garden. I got this HUGE rose tree from my bofy last year to our anniversary. 
Now that we have moved to a place with a garden this is what they look like today:

But this is not all my complete rose collection... I have my roses integrated in my life in all sorts of ways:
The art paintings are from Cy Twonbly and I fell in love with his paintings in Museum Brandhorst in Munich. The book is from Pippa Middleton and is decorating my living room.

Rose scented toiletries: Rose showergel (Marks & Spencer), Rose face water (Roberts - only in Italy), Rose body lotion & Hand cream (M&S), Maroccan Rose oil (the body shop), Soap/ shower gel (anatomicals).

Cupcakes I got from my boyfriend, silicon rose-shaped baking shapes, home-made cake for my boyf with rose coloured icing.

I also wear roses: skinny jeans by boden, wallpaper, skinny corduroy trousers from marks & sparks, dress from charity shop.

Key holder with vintage rose embelishment, handpainted box & my favourite perfume for 5 years now from Paul Smith - Rose.

...further roses dotted over my home.

Gift table for me from my boyf and my two cats mingling in between my rose bouquets.

I'm addicted to rose tea! very yummy: lov, kusmi tea or yogi tea. Also try the teashed.

and this is one of my two cats named ROSIE :-)

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