Monday, 28 November 2011

My first ever collage

This is my first attempt of creating a collage

Even though I’ve already been in my flat for 4 months, I’m still constantly needing, wanting, buying, finding and making new things to make my home the perfect place to come home to in the evenings after a long day at work.

I used 2 different thicknesses of paper and paste. As for my interior accessories I’m really into deep reds with blotches of turquoise I was delighted to find ‘Bethge Hamburg’s Klatschmohn wrapping paper – which is a thick paper with reddish poppies on a light turquoise underground. With a transparent paste I glued / painted over dark red fine silky paper. And voila, that’s how it turned out.
My boyf was so charming and said that it kinda looked like it was my first try... :)  Never mind, I think I will hang it up nonetheless as I’m fed up with the naked and bare walls! However, before I do that I need a frame... (watch this space)

the result 
A brush and paste is what you need

Klatschmohn wrapping paper by Bethge Hamburg

Saturday, 19 November 2011

A trip to Hackney

Burberry outlet  - Chatham Place E9 6LP
Well I had to take a trip to Hackney (again east London) to visit the Burberry outlet. I can defo recommend it! 

Then just round the corner is such a cute cafe with delicious coffee and home made scrumptious cakes!

Railroad Cafe - a colourful and friendly place

such good coffee. and yes, there are differences in coffee!!!

Places in London

Poppies Day - Trafalgar Square

As it was Poppies Day / Remembrance Day in London (11th Nov) while we were there the fountain at Trafalgar Square was full of poppies and touching little notes.

Here are some more nice, cool, cosy and comfy places we stopped by during our London trip. What a shame I didn’t capture all the cool outfits I spotted! ...but I forgot to charge my camera and bring my charger – hence the iPhone pics only.

The Water Poet - Pub in east London

The Water Poet 

such a yummy Sunday chicken roast 

very comfy and stylish interior

...if you fancy a drink in the east end

The bar is called Apples & Pears - a Cockney rhyme - fab place for a drink in an uber cool bar in east London 
the cocktails taste delicious and have funny names - ...sorry but I nonetheless forgot the name

there is more to come! :)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

London calling

Listen to this while reading it :) here

SOOOOOO HAPPY and EXCITED only a day until I am in London - again!

WE ALL know what that is 
Spitalfields - my old neighbourhood <3

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Brothel Creepers

I thought it is time to pay some attention to the creepers which you can see everywhere at the moment.

They were first worn during WWII by soldiers who were located in the North African desert who needed such hardwearing shoes with crepe soles for the climate and environment there. They then had their first “appearance” in London when ex soldiers wore them in the London clubbing scene after WWII – hence the name Brothel Creepers.

Then in the 50s the Teddy Boys wore them with their drainpipe trousers. In the 70s they had another comeback when Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood sold them to a more rocker inspired crowd. Since then the Creepers finished off the look of some subcultures like punks, pschobillies and Goths.

And now well, they were all over the AW11 catwalk and gone “mainstream”. Pretty cool, ey?!?

Saturday, 5 November 2011

best lite arrival & colour inspiration

2 black best lites hanging over our dining table

Here they are - the best lite lamps hanging above our dining table - what a bliss <3
I had my girls round for tea and cake (home made by me which is quite something...)

The inspiration behind this whole turquoise bluish greeny colour theme is from my Mancunion friend's house in Freiburg who I visited in the summer (see pictures below)

Best lite

We have ordered our beloved best lite lamps and are waiting for them to come!

Designed in 1930 by the English designer Robert Dudley Best (1892-1984). Within a short period of time the Bestlite lamp proved a real success and was proclaimed the first Bauhaus manifestation in the UK by leading publication Architects Journal. During the second World War the lamp achieved the status of a national treasure when Winston Churchill had one standing on his desk in his air-raid shelter beneath Whitehall. The Bestlite lamp is a design classic, and remains an elegant example of styling that adds warmth and intensity to any room.

They come in black, white and off white. We ordered two black ones - not too sure if we got the medium or large ones...

Here are some inspirations:

Little kittens

Finally our little kittens have arrived - two sisters from a litter of nine (!!), Alphi (from Alpha) is almost black and Rosie is completely black.

They are adorable and keep us busy at all times. Eat, sleep and play is all they do. What a life!!!

Even though our brand new sofa is already feeling the strain of two little kitties jumping up and down, it is the most lovely thing to come home after a long and busy day at work and have them coming up to say hello to you.

Them two relaxing on my cool skinny jeans :)

Their arrival - still a bit shy but soooo cute