Monday, 4 July 2011


WOW, that collage needed a lot of patience! First I had to manage to take a photo of my own lips with the help of a mirror (that is sooo difficult to take a photo of your own lips...!), then I had to cut out my lips in the PC programme ‘paint’ and then I made this little collage! ...there are surely easier ways but I had fun! :)

I first applied Thierry Mugler’s nude ‘Flash Lips’ as a base. Then I – literally – painted on MaxFactor’s lipfinity lasting lip tint (06 colour number). To finish off the look and to give it the perfect shine I dabbed on some lip gloss. My favourite gloss is from Victoria’s Secret ‘Beauty Rush’ (can’t see the colour name or number but it’s a really light pink).



  1. Haha, I love that you used paint for this! Do you have too much time on your hands perhaps...? Looks gorgeous though! :) Liisi xx

  2. amazing colors! Love the last one