Sunday, 26 June 2011

Walk along the Isar

Finally a sunny day again. A friend and I headed to the river Isar for a walk and chat. Beforehand we grabbed a take away iced coffee to keep us nice and cool. Then we walked along the Isar around the Deutsches Museum area. It’s a beautiful green spot in the middle of the city.
As always I thought it was very entertaining to watch all kinds of different people sunbathing on the rather uncomfortable pebbles. There are families with their playing kids, snogging couples, girls like us gossiping, dogs on their walkies etc. But the weirdest thing for a non-Munich person might be the nudists. Yes, you heard right there. In Munich, in the middle of the centre along certain areas on the river bank you can be totally NAKED! You would assume that these “naked people” would like to stay amongst other likeminded - i.e. naked - people. But this assumption is quite wrong. They mingle between dressed and half-dressed people and move around freely. To someone from Munich it’s totally normal but for all other nationalities or even other places from Germany it’s quite something!

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