Saturday, 19 November 2011

Places in London

Poppies Day - Trafalgar Square

As it was Poppies Day / Remembrance Day in London (11th Nov) while we were there the fountain at Trafalgar Square was full of poppies and touching little notes.

Here are some more nice, cool, cosy and comfy places we stopped by during our London trip. What a shame I didn’t capture all the cool outfits I spotted! ...but I forgot to charge my camera and bring my charger – hence the iPhone pics only.

The Water Poet - Pub in east London

The Water Poet 

such a yummy Sunday chicken roast 

very comfy and stylish interior

...if you fancy a drink in the east end

The bar is called Apples & Pears - a Cockney rhyme - fab place for a drink in an uber cool bar in east London 
the cocktails taste delicious and have funny names - ...sorry but I nonetheless forgot the name

there is more to come! :)

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