Saturday, 17 September 2011

Wies’n aka Oktoberfest must-haves

Today the shenanigans in Munich have started – that is the Oktoberfest!!! Around 6 million people are expected to come to the Oktoberfest which ends on the 3rd October. It’s soooo much fun, but you have to like beer. Apparently 3 million litres of beer are consumed during this time!

Here are the must-haves:


no matter whether you are 60, 16 or only 6 years old - everyone wears a Dirndl

push up bra - a MUST when wearing a Dirndl

a "Edelweiss" necklace to show off them nice crystals :-)

the boys wear Lederhosen

...mostly combined with a checked shirt

'Haferl' shoes and "Wadenwärmer" for the real Bavarians

A 'Mass Bier' - a litre of beer - stronger and tastier than anything you have tasted before

a huge Brez'n

a gingerbread heart - Wiesnherz. Make sure you get given one from your Wiesn flirt

last but not least a little hand bag to carry your purse, mobile and lipgloss

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