Wednesday, 31 August 2011

In love with Whistles

Once again Whistles ticks all the boxes.

Ultra flattering jeans with cute blouse 
Love love love the pleats and the dark berry shades

MUSTARD -  have a look at one of my older blog entries

on my wishlist 

I just love Whistles' fashion – it’s so wearable for work and at the same time you're still able to look stylish and on trend.  What do you think?
I am a bit gutted about the relatively high price points but I suppose this makes it more unique and aspiring…

As I am a little cockney (east London) rhyming slang freak I thought I’d let you know – in case you don’t – that the name ‘Whistles’ derives from the rhyming slang ‘whistle and flute’ which stands for ‘suit’.  And that’s how Whistles started off!

Aren’t those black patent pointy court shoes stunning?!?! I can see them teamed up in soooo many ways!

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  1. What a great little factoid! I had no idea that's where the name came from! xx