Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bubble Tea

After having heard so much about the new drink Bubble Tea I finally tried it today. We went to the Bubble T shop in Munich, am Rindermarkt.

Bubble Tea started off in Taiwan in the 80ies and spread from there over to other eastern Asian countries, then to American China towns and now is finally here.

I asked the girls sitting outside the Bubble T shop if I could take a picture as I really liked their animal print cardis in combination with the bright colourful chairs.

Have you tried bubble tea yet?


  1. Oh, I love bubble tea! Haven't had it in awhile, but I'm totally craving it now!


  2. Cool, wie hat geschmeckt? which flavour u recommend??

  3. hat super lecker geschmeckt und die "bubbles" platzen im mund :) hatte green tea und ginger!!

  4. mmh ginger!! bestimmt lecker!!

  5. I used to drink bubble tea (or pearl tea) in Sydney all the time, it's delicious!

    x Michelle |

  6. Bubble tea is so yummy! Did you get it with boba?
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